Location: Bhubaneswar, India

Area: 1,19,000 sqft approx.

Visualized as a Slice of Odisha, the interiors of this hotel strives to remind us of the rich heritage of the state.

Odissi - the Classical Dance form been depicted in form of ‘terracotta’ focal walls, ‘hasta mudras’ and dance postures as artwork.

The geometric patterns of the ‘ikkat’ - Odishi handloom fabric, has inspred the design of the spaces, enhancing the vocabulary and adding to the local charm.


Location: Salt Lake, Kolkata, W.B., India

Area: 2,10,000 sqft approx.

WEST BENGAL is a land with tremendous tourism potential and endless possibilities. The multifarious layers hence formed, due to the presence of this unparalleled diversity, uphold the ethos of tourism in the state.

The building is an architectural ode to the glorious traditionalism of West Bengal, with the promise of a fantastic resurgence. We must look towards this resurgence with fresh eyes, in order to explore this potential and this new vision.


Location: Nagarkot, Nepal

Area: 36,000 sqft approx.

Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, the hotel has been designed in congruence with the surrounding mountains.

The labyrinthine interiors have been thought of in a prevailing neutral colour palette so as to blend in with the encompassing nature, to illustrate the calmness and extend an embracing ambience.


Location: Sodepur, W.B., India

Area: 1,74,000 sqft approx.

Basement + Lower Ground + Upper Ground + Five storeyed Commercial Building.

Situated amidst the busy station road of Sodepur, this precinct is envisioned to become a shopping hub.

The lower levels have incricate ‘jaalis’ giving a glimpse of the shop displays in between.

The intermediate facade has been visualized as a translucent layer with frosted glass strewed with coloured glass to break the monotony of the material.

The upper levels have been wrapped in solid ‘Tandur stone’ scattered with vertical fins forming a play of light and shadow moulding the skyline of Sodepur.


Location: Usthi, Kolkata, W.B., India

Area: 75,000 sqft approx.

Located on the outskirts of Kolkata, the resort aims to provide an escape from the chaotic frenzy of a city, by allowing guests to experience a slice of rural life.

The architectural language attempts to recreate rural Bengal, by using vernacular elements in terms of materials and finishes. The buildings are laid out on the site in an organic manner, resembling a village layout, meandering around a central water body.