Interior Design, Commercial


Location: Kolkata, India

Area: 14,500 sq. ft. approx.

The client aspired for an unconventional open-type office, in order to break the age-old hierarchy present in the corporate world. Seamlessness was the generating factor of the design, which was more influential than the quality of space itself. A limited palette of materials was used such that the qualities and characteristics of each was effectively accentuated and contrast between them was emphasized.

The interior was clad with planes of clean white, interspersed with the bright theme-colour at intervals. Innovative illumination design circumnavigates the space along the ceiling defining the circulation pattern along the office. The inbuilt furniture was indefinite in form, adding to the fluidity to the d├ęcor.

Hence, most elements used were insubstantial and light, yet so vivid that they dominate the space they inhabit. Identity for the office is created by a restrained but focused approach.