Kouzina Mining Co., Kolkata

Interior Design, Commercial


Location: Kolkata, India

Area: 2,800 sq. ft. approx.

A Fine Dining Restaurant inspired by the décor of a coal mine, seems to be quite a contrast. The challenge to create a rustic, unfinished environment without compromising the luxury and finesse of a Fine Dining initiated the design of the space. The décor instantly evokes a sense of awe with its “out of the box” ambience.

Wooden rafter salvaged from packing boxes adorn the walls with photographs of miners and mines from all around the world. Graphics intersperse the walls with writings on a Miner’s life and life inside the Coal Mine. The M.S. wire mesh on the ceiling forms an undulating pattern reminiscent of the uneven surfaces inside the mine. Old retrofitted auditorium chairs, Exposed bulbs and industrial pendant lights amplify the theme, inviting us all to “Dine in a Mine”.