Architecture, Commercial


Location: Ayodhya Hills, Purulia, India

Area: 60,000 sq. ft. approx.

Set amidst a luscious green forest belt which sprawls as far as the eye can see, the resort offers a serene rustic atmosphere while providing modern homely comforts. The resort has organic layout and thatched which reflects the meandering streets of a village, illuminated by the soft glow of lanterns. The guest cottages (Kutirs) are clustered around a large central landscape in the lower level. The follow the designs of vernacular architecture with mud-brick walls and thatched roofs which display the rich tribal art-work and local craftsmanship.

The tree house (Gachh-Baris) set on a raised platform (Macha) are another fascinating feature in the resort. A huge banquet hall serves as the focal point where one can enjoy community life and see performances like famous chhau-dance by the local artists. A celebration of local art, craft and culture, this resort is a perfect gateway from urban chaos.