Interior Design, Commercial


Location: Kolkata, India

Area: 500 sq. ft. approx.

Client: R.G. Shaw & company

Situate on the busy A.J.C. Bose Road in Kolkata, the liquor store Stanley & Co. boasted of one of the largest footfalls in the city. However, like most similar stores in our country, this store too was extremely protective and introverted about its existence. Here the owner’s intent was to implement a facelift scheme with refreshed interiors and new entrance imagery which would serve the dual purpose of creating a new vocabulary.

This called for a carefully reworked merchandise plan, where the customer is invited into the store by up-scale exterior façade and is able to make a complete tour of the store in an unhindered manner and exit uninterrupted, but, satisfied. Clean, contemporary interiors and simplicity of plan gave the shop a new vitality. It successfully broke the taboo of the conventional liquor store, and starts a trend in the city.