Architecture, Residential


Location: Suburbs of Kolkata, India

Area: 8,000 sq. ft. approx.

The existing retreat bungalow of the Ramchandanis’ had a vast stretch of frontage with a swimming pool, around which they wanted a breakfast deck in which the family could spend time together. Thus, was conceived the Pool Deck, not merely as an interactive space for the family, but as a journey integrating all the disjoint elements between the bungalow and the pool.

As the journey begins from the bungalow, one meanders through a series differently levelled platforms each of which is an interesting nook with discerning features such as green bench or viewing seat. The breakfast deck is itself divided into three parts-a sunken bar adjoining the pool, a no-wall part where the family can spend an idyllic morning amongst nature, and a conditioned-part for adverse weather conditions. Care was taken to make the deck as transparent as possible, with features that are insubstantial, slight and fairly light-weight, ensuring minimum visual interference in the lap of nature.