Architecture, Residential


Location: Kolkata

Area: 69,760 sq. ft. approx.

Building Design in URBAN KOLKATA today is marked by the increasing popularity of multistoried o apartment blocks, where the choice of wall thickness and exposure to radiation can make significant contribution to indoor comfort. Protection from excessive overheating is of prime concern, and in order to expel the trapped heat, ventilation comes close in order of importance.

Hence emerges the design vocabulary of the PROPOSED BUILDING with shaded windows, double walls and interplay of fenestration sizes and orientation. The creation of the ‘VERTICAL COURTYARD’ by cutting through the traditional solid form, vastly enhances the thermal performance of the building.

Every resident, in every floor experiencethe “VERTICAL COURTYARD” which gives them the illusion of living in a “humane” locality and not just in any multistoried building.